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A brand in the making

Whacky Tack truly began 3 years ago when I began looking for affordable, stylish, and most importantly colorful tack sets with almost no products available in my budget. After much research, I decided to fill that niche myself and launched Whacky Tack Equestrian in early 2020, with my first batch of saddle pad sets arriving in July.

From there we began to grow, slowly but surely. Now after 2 years and over 300 yearly sales, I am still as excited (if not more) for the future of this brand. Since day one of my biggest priorities has been offering these items at an affordable price point for the everyday equestrian as well as creating a quality product, so your feedback is very important to me!

With any questions, requests, criticism, or reviews please email Contact@whackytack.com, I would be happy to talk to you!
I cannot wait to show you all what I have planned for 2022!

Stay Whacky,
Aliana Pegelow
Founder and CEO of Whacky Tack Equestrian